Hello everybody,

as you know we will have a discussion on oxide interfaces this Friday 10:30.
Nicola and I would like to address two aspects:

I would like to discuss the idea that an interface often (usually)
changes the symmetry of the system. I'll show two examples from my group
of how this can be used to affect properties; if other people can bring
ideas about how this can be exploited to make new physics or technologies
that would be great. (2 papers attached)

I would like to address how oxide interfaces can be used to generate novel phases
that don't exist in the bulk (conducting, charge, magnetic, orbitally ordered).
PRL99, 016802, 2007
PRB74, 035112 (2006)

The list of experimental papers that have envigorated this research is long. An overview was given in a recent Physics Today article (June 07) by Barabara Levy.

If you have a further issue to put up or want to contribute (which we (and the organizers ;-) hope very much from all of you), please contact
Looking forward to a stimulating discussion,
Nicola and Rossitza